Introducing Gladys Meddleson

Welcome to Lollygaggin’ Adventures. It’s about 2 weeks until the strip officially starts.

I decided to do a series of strips prior to my original planned starting point as practice, warm ups. As I worked through these strips, I became a little attached to them and created an unexpected character in Gladys Meddleson. I’m sure I would have eventually populated the strip with a ton of second tier character, but a neighbor was never in the plans. Gladys just sort of appeared while I was writing a couple paragraphs to describe these first strips. She was a perfect fit and appears to have the ability to add much to a couple of future stories. 

Enjoy watching the strip move into it’s new home. Check back Tuesdays & Thursdays every week for new strips. With the stars of the strip being introduced on February 14th (I know that’s a Sunday.)

Read – Enjoy – Pass It On,


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