The Cowboy Loses His Cool

I am really proud of this strip. While many people use the glowing effect (some might even over use it), I was happy to learn how to do it and hopefully used it in a unique way.

Thank you all for sticking with the strip over the last 5 weeks. The story was originally planned as a single 12 page comic. However, once I decided to do it as an online strip the format changed, but the story still called for the same thing. I realize this was taking a big chance repeating the same strip for  5 weeks. Hopefully time will show that it reads well and was worth the risks.

This week and next wraps up the loose ends of the Secret Origin storyline. Then there are a couple of short one-off strips planned (including the return of Gladys Meddlson), before the next storyline Checkers, which is planned for about 3-4 weeks (8 strips.)

Things will be heating up, please stick around and tell your friends about Lollygaggin Adventures!

Read – Enjoy – Pass It On,


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