Find A Park

This strip is based on what I tell the students, when I find them making out in the hallways at school. They always look at me kinda strange and confused when I say it, but the other teachers always laugh.

With this strip the goal originally was to make it look like a 60’s underground book. I looked a quite a bit of R. Crumb when drawing, however once I started to ink the work it looked like my normal stuff only busy. At this point I thought, “What can i do to make it look different?” The answer, Ink with a toothbrush. Some of the strip turned out quite nice, other pieces still a little too sloppy.

Read – Enjoy – Pass It On,


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  1. Drew Pocza

    Oh wow, I miss fun with inky since I am digital. I remember the flicking of ink
    this inking turned out great.

  2. dennmann

    Thanx Drew.

    I’m currently working about 40/60 on most strips, with much more being done inside the computer. This strip was probably 70/30 with much more being done outside the computer.

    It was nice to just break loose for a strip and see where the ink took me,

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