The New Pets – Chapter 1 – Part 3

A little over a year ago we welcomed the first cat into our family. My daughter had wanted a pet for a while but we could not decide on what to get her. The family already had 2 large dogs, a fish tank and my son has 2 sugar gliders.

One day at the high school a student approached me and stated that some boys were picking on a little kitty cat. I approached the boys and removed the cat in question from their possession, then the boys to class. I set the cat down on the ground and asked him to wait for me, until after my meeting. I told the cat that I knew a little girl who would love him. About 15 minutes later, I exited the meeting and expected to find the cat where I had left him, but he was gone. I was kind of bummed, but did I really expect the cat to wait?

The next day I walked over to one of my fellow teachers, to let her know that I was looking for a cat for my daughter and if she knew anyone with kittens to let me know. She said that she had one and that he was in the janitorial closet. I rushed to the closet and sitting in the room was the cat from the day before. I went back to the teacher holding the cat and told her that he was mine and if anyone else wanted him, that they would have to fight me for him. (Keep in mind I’m a big man, almost 6′3″ and close to 350lbs.) It was fate! and no one argued.

Wow! This is going kind of long. The point of this whole thing was, that I brought the cat home and with in a day, he and our 2 large dogs were getting along fine. So dogs and cats appear to generally get along, not anything like Hollywood made us expect.

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