The New Pets – Chapter 1 – Part 7

First - I would like to welcome my new readers. I got quite a bump from the Phoenix Comicon. I hope you will all stick around and enjoy the ride. (Plus let me know how I’m doing in the comments section.)

Second - I am really excited about this storyline. If the middle of last week, I kind of felt like the story was a little flat and maybe I made a mistake chosing to do it. Then I finished drawing Part 8 and remembered that it was only the first chapter in a three part story, that is bound to get out of control. I can’t wait for you all to read what I have planned. Keep in mind there will be some short stories between each chapter.

I really feel like a writer putting this story together. I’m trying to sprinkle little hints of what is to come in the story. Even the stories between each chapter will give some hints at what is to come. I’m very excite, VERY VERY EXCITED!

Also thanks goes out to my wife for naming the fish. She is ”ONE AWESOME WOMEN” for putting up with all of my comiking.

Read – Enjoy – Pass It On,


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