One of Those Days

This strip might seem a bit rough. I had a very hard time creating it.

Originally I wrote in my notes “the Cowboy wakes up and does not like the Rockstar.” This was based on a conversation I have had with my wife, many times. She knows deep down that I love her, but some days I would just rather not spend time with her. I think this might have hurt a little at first, but she realized that she felt the same way from time to time.

Now before you call me some names. This only happens a few times each year. When I was in college full time, being a full time dad and working full time, it happened a little more often. I’m not saying it’s a whole day, it might just be a couple of hours.

I have been with my wife for over 15 years, something must be working right.

So to translate this important thought in to comics. “You really can’t like something everyday!”  and since it was coming from the Cowboy, I had him shooting 8×10 glossies of the Rockstar.

Read – Enjoy – Pass It on,


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