The New Pets – Chapter 2 – Part 1

My wife watches a lot of television. I would venture to say she watches more television than I read comics. I try to sit with her and watch the shows she watches, from time to time. Occasionally I find myself wrapped up in them, but once that episode is over, I’m done.

I just don’t get television or movies for that matter. I watch very little of both. I would rather read a book, magazine or comic. Go to a art opening, antique store or even the park. They say opposites attract. In this area my wife and I cannot be further apart.

Also note the shout out, in panel 2, to my pal Eric Mengel and his creation Ocho. I have been getting to know Ocho very well lately. First through coloring of a couple covers for his books. Then starting to work on a story for one of his books. I kinda like that blue guy. If you haven’t checked out Ocho, Eric’s pride and joy, you should.

Finally a quick reminder, I will have a guest strip running next week at Monster Commute. Please pop over and check it out, you will not be sorry.

Read – Enjoy – Pass It On,


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