Really Not That Bad?

A some point I decided to make this strip PG-13, rather than a R. I had originally intended to make some of the strips quite risque. This did not happen for many reasons and quite a few of the strips wold have to be modified. This short storyline, which runs for the next 4 strips, was the most heavily edited story. Up until this point the choice of making them PG-13 instead of R has made the majority of strips much better. These strips however, I’m a little worried about. I just spent some time tossing ideas back and forth with my wife to make sure that I’m still capturing the original idea. I hope I did.

On a side note. The two character mention from the television in this strip are based on a tag team I use to create when playing the WWF/WWE video games. Pretty Peter Pizarro was a masked wrestler who wore women’s lingerie and Large Marge was an overweight bearded lady.

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