The New Pets – Chapter 3 – Part 1

I spent a couple minutes today looking over the Lollygaggin’ strips so far. I think I have come a long way since the first couple of strips. I also like how each story appears to have it own color scheme, even though I basically use the same 20 or so colors throughout the whole strip.

With this said, it on with Part 3 of The New Pets. This story will run 10 parts, 6 of which are already in the can as of this posting. I’m basically 3 weeks ahead. This is also the conclusion of this storyline which is based on my real experience of owning Red Belly Pacus, more about this at the end of the story.

I have a buffer, I have a BUFFER! That is good and bad, the good is that I’m ahead, the bad is that I’m ahead. The good being, I don’t have to stress so much every weekend thinking, “I’m going to be late on a strip.” The bad being, now I feel like I cannot share sneak peeks on Twitter for fear of spoiling the story. 

Read – Enjoy – Pass It On,


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