The New Pets – Chapter 3 – Part 6

One of the pure joys of this strip has been writing Gladys Meddleson. Originally she wasn’t even a character, but as I started the first couple of practice strips, before launch day, she was just there.

 I used here for that one strip, then started to work through my original outline ideas. I quickly realized that she could play major parts in the strip later so I included here in another strip as a set up for the New Pets storyline (yes this idea was in my head way back at that early date.)

As the strip continued I began to see more places to use her. She sort of began to have a life of here own. I had always heard about characters that write themselves without much effort. Gladys appears to be one of those characters and I am enjoying writing her very much.

Some days I think a solo strip with her might be awesome, if only I had more time.

Read – Enjoy – Pass It On,


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