The New Pets – Chapter 3 – Part 7

Things have been really heatingup over at dennmann’s crib these last couple of weeks (and it’s not just the hot Arizona weather.) Many good and bad things have occurred. Most of the bad, have begun to turn positive and as for the good, they’ve only gotten better.

Through it all, I have been complete comics at a frantic and fun pace. Just yesterday I posted the first new, full color GET THAT CHICKEN story that I’ve completed in over 8 months. Last weekend, I completed a jam story with Eric Mengel for the up and coming Robot (heart) Kaiju comic. I have started to make plans for 24hr Comic day. I have also booked several convention appearances in the near future (more news to come.)

Sometimes, I’m just thankful for the life that I have and like to take a couple of seconds to smell the flowers.

Oh, by the way, today’s strip was one of my favorites to create in recent memory.

Read – Enjoy – Pass It On,


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  1. Marrock


    Hope she doesn’t make the dear little fishies ill or anything, that’d just be cruel.

  2. dennmann

    She does look a little like disgusting, green mold, one bite should take those fishies out! But they buy it in a more traditional sense, check back tomorrow.

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