Full vs. Fool Part 1

This story is based on something that use to happen after dinner almost every night between wifey and myself. I kinda miss this, but we have kids now and there is very little time for me to joke with my wife, one on one, anymore.

This strip was also born out of my fascination with words. Don’t be surprised if you see more strips in the future that play with words and how they sound.

Finally, I would like to announce my 24hr Comic Day appearance, but I have not received a confirmation yet. I might be drawing comics from home for 24hr Comic Day. Hopefully I will have some info no later than next Tuesday regarding my 24hr Comic Day plans.

Read – Enjoy – Pass It On,


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  1. Marrock

    You know, I think Abelard would benefit from a bit of advice my father once gave me… “Never complain about your spouse’s judgment, just look at who they married.”

  2. dennmann

    Just realized I used the wrong “you’re” in this strip. Fixing it now.

    Will these computers hurry up and save quickly for once.

    No! No they won’t!

  3. dennmann

    My wife is one awesome lady for putting up with my ish. And Abelard is lucky to have Heloise!

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