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I have some Bad News, Good News and Gooder News.

Bad News, I think it is about time to wrap up this strip called Lollygaggin’ Adventures. (The reason will be explained with the Gooder News.) So this storyline is the last one, it should run about 8 parts and hopefully go out with a BANG!

Good News, I will be collecting Lollygaggin’ Adventures into a 100 page book and have it for sale early 2011. Stay tunes to my blog for more info.

Gooder News, I intend to launch a new strip called “Jenny Spookawski – Ghost Girl” at the beginning of summer 2011.

Jenny Spookawski is an idea that come to me last 24hr comic day. Since originally creating her I have thought about making a strip starring her on a fairly regular basis. Originally I intended to enter the Zuda competition and hopefully win, but as we have seen Zuda has been gobbled up by DC Comics proper. The work, which I originally started doing for this proposal, got me thinking that I really had something in this character.I continued to develop her in my free time, until about a month ago while drawing Lollygaggin’ strips, I began to feel a yearning to work on a Jenny Spookawski strip, so much so, that I started to write down tons of ideas while drawing. Once these flood gates opened, I have not been able to close them. Ideas for different strips and characters enter my imagination almost daily. I think I really have something here and it would be a shame not to share her with you all. For a quick look, check out this Jenny Spookawski preview and for those who are even more interested you can follow Jenny on Twitter and see what she is up to.

That is a load off my chest! Just check the dates on those two links and see how long I have been itching to work on this character.

Read – Enjoy – Pass It On,


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