Man in the TV

My wife got a little offended by this strip. It has always been a battle to keep her attention away from the television. The main reason I don’t watch TV, is that she is almost always watching it, when I want to watch. So I just gave in and let her have the TV, I have a ton of comics to read, write and draw anyways.

The television is one of our regular arguments in our relationship, so I thought it was the perfect subject for the final storyline of Lollygaggin’ Adventures. The man in the television (or Heloise’s TV boyfriend) is based on the original idea I had for Abelard, back when this ideas was forming in 2001-2003. So to me, the man in the television is just an alternate version of Abelard, the way Heloise sees Abelard.

Appearance note: I will be at Jesse James Comics this weekend for 24hour Comic Day from Saturday at 9am until Sunday at 9am. If you live in the Phoenix Area stop by and see what I’m up too. Also you can pick up mini-comic copies of my book from last years 24hour Comic Day, Jenny Spookawski – Ghost Girl. Hope to see you there.

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